OnePlus 9 Pro could feature Hasselblad-branded cameras


Leaked images of the unannounced OnePlus 9 Pro suggest the flagship smartphone will include a Hasselblad-branded camera array. The images shared in a recent Dave Lee YouTube video show four cameras on the rear of the phone. These include wide-angle, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses, the latter of which appears to offer up to a 3.3x optical zoom.

At this point it’s unclear exactly what this Hasselblad branding could mean for the OnePlus 9 Pro’s cameras. The Swedish manufacturer, which is majority owned by Chinese company DJI, is best known for its expensive medium format cameras, and has previously worked with Lenovo on a modular camera accessory for Moto Z devices, as well as Vertu for its Signature Touch smartphone. Hopefully the presence of its logo means Hasselblad has provided some real camera expertise to OnePlus beyond just brand cache.

While Dave Lee outlines three of the phone’s four rear cameras, it’s not obvious what the last sensor might be. Previous OnePlus phones have offered novelties like a color-filter camera and a black-and-while monochrome sensor. Dave Lee’s video mentions that the phone could have a built-in tilt-shift photography mode that could relate to the fourth sensor, but it could equally just be a depth-sensing or macro camera based on OnePlus’ previous phones.

Beyond the camera array, the photos shared on the Dave2D channel corroborate a previous leak reported by Android Authority that said the phone will include a curved 1440p 120Hz display. The device shown by Dave Lee appears to have an unusual 11GB of RAM (most other phones have 12GB or 8GB), and 256GB of internal storage. A separate report previously claimed the phone will be able to fast-charge at 45W wirelessly, up from the OnePlus 8 Pro’s 30W wireless fast-charging speed.

The OnePlus 9 Pro is expected to be one of two or even three phones announced by the company next month, Android Central reports. Alongside it, we could see the OnePlus 9 (which itself was leaked in a series of photos last December), as well as a more affordable OnePlus 9 Lite.